Animal Shelter Staff & Volunteers Work Together to Rescue Shelter Pets

On August 13, County of Santa Clara Supervisor Mike Wasserman commended the courageous volunteers and staff from the County Animal Shelter for taking immediate action when a June grass fire burned nine acres and approached the building. The subsequent flames came close and threatened the safety and welfare of the secured animals. Shelter leadership quickly realized the scenario and began preparing the animals for evacuation. The volunteer staff’s dedication to their cause shined bright and they joined in to prepare to save more than 150 animals.

Volunteer appreciation by the Animal Shelter staff


Within 20 minutes, more than 100 cats, 25 dogs, 25 roosters, four bunnies, and one horse were safely positioned and prepared to be moved.  Fortunately, this was not necessary. While the Shelter team was doing their part, CalFire arrived and stopped the fire before it could reach the building.

“Our Animal Shelter staff and volunteers show their love and compassion for animals every day, dedicating their time and resources to countless dogs, cats, rabbits and horses,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman. “However, this past June they went above and beyond when a fire broke out near the s​helter. The amazing volunteers sprang into action, assisting the staff to ensure every animal was prepared for transport. Fortunately, CalFire stopped the fire’s progress before a complete evacuation was necessary. Thanks to the quick work of the Animal Shelter team and our volunteers, every animal was readied for safety. We sincerely thank them for their efforts.”

The key to the evacuation effort was the implementation of a successful plan by everyone involved. It was truly a team effort.

“I want to thank everyone from CalFire, to County Roads, to the shelter staff, to our wonderful volunteers, for your efforts and dedication to protecting the community,” said Animal Shelter Program Manager Lisa Jenkins. “This is just one example of the importance volunteers play in the success of animal shelters everywhere and why they are so appreciated by the Animal Shelter staff. Their love for animals is immeasurable and evident every day.”

If you would like to volunteer at County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter, click here.

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