Saab's Story

​​Saab had just survived a car accident when Animal Control Officers brought him to the shelter in early October. He suffered a broken leg and a fractured pelvis. Additionally, a portion of his tail was beyond repair and had to be amputated to relieve pain. Saab was constantly stressed and frightened of interaction during his first few days at the shelter, despite much tender loving care from everyone involved.

Saab’s life could have been painfully short, however, he was restored to health thanks to the amazing care provided by shelter staff and volunteers. After six weeks of steady progress, Saab was ready to continue his life journey.

Through the Foster Sleepovers Program Saab was able to experience what it’s like to live in a home environment for the first time with foster mom Kaye. Saab was initially shy and hid in his crate all the time, but he quickly regained his confidence and came out of his shell. Saab learned to enjoy playtime and share his meal with other furry friends. He developed a sweet, inviting personality that won the hearts of many.

Just in time for the holidays, Saab found his forever home with foster parents Rick and Tina. Saab now enjoys cuddling and playtime with his new family, and they look forward to each day with the happiness and excitement he brings.

“We are so excited to see him improve every day. Let the spoiling begin!” said Rick and Tina. “Thank you so much for the amazing care and love you gave to this lil’ man.”

Successful rescue and recovery stories like Saab's require a devoted staff and help from the community. The County’s animal shelter staff values the lives of all animals and works to ensure that each one will find their forever homes this holiday season just like Saab.

Saab's the dog

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