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Flea Prevention

As we all know, the residents of Santa Clara County are fortunate to have one of the best climates year-round, and although it gets pretty chilly in the winter, let’s be honest, in comparison to the Midwest and East coast, it is rarely ever below freezing during the day. Because of this climate, however, fleas can be an issue year-round. A seasonal decrease is seen, but in animal’s with flea allergies, proper protection from flea bites is needed all year long. There has been a significant increase in flea preventative products over the last several years, and most are effective if used properly.

  1. Topical products

    Topical flea preventatives are available both over-the-counter and through a veterinary practice. The majority of topical flea preventatives should be applied monthly and lose efficacy if the animal is bathed. Be sure to only use products labeled for cats as some canine topicals contain chemicals called permethrins that are toxic to kitties.

  2. Oral Products

    There are several oral products that have become available for dogs. Although generally more expensive, the ease of administration and lack of bathing restrictions might make theme a better fit if your dog is a frequent visitor to the groomer.

Many topical and oral products have a combination of different chemicals that can help prevent ticks and/or heartworm infestation. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian to select the product that is right for your pet.

Pet custodian applies topical flea preventative to her cat's fur.

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