Felix The Rescue Horse

When a boarding facility in the region was recently closed, a wonderful horse named Felix was abandoned in difficult conditions. His head hung low and his ribs were visible to the average person. However, thanks to great work by the County of Santa Clara Animal Services team, a dangerous situation turned into a happy ending for everyone.

Animal Control Officers loaded Felix up and brought him back to the San Martin based shelter where the dedicated staff worked diligently to ensure he was restored to health.  Felix’s beautiful coat and pleasant demeaner quickly attracted the attention of a passionate horse lover from Reno, Nevada named Secret.

The new owner is the ideal animal owner as she feels the adoption of an animal is a commitment for life. She instantly realized Felix’s potential and his great personality as a perfect, long-term riding partner.

The next time Felix was loaded onto a trailer, he was headed for a brand new, state of the art facility featuring an airconditioned indoor barn and 24-hour staff every day of the year. With recent experience rehabilitating horses that have been severely neglected or abused, Secret helped Felix regain the weight and muscle he had lost.

Felix started ground work shortly after returning to form and has been able to truly showcase his intelligence, picking up on every lesson, while taking breaks to indulge in cookies and to have a good curry comb rubbed over his whole body. Felix is now riding under saddle and working with a professional trainer.

“I can’t thank you guys enough for saving this boy and bringing us together! He is such a light in my life,” said Secret. “I actually adopted Felix because the day I saw the ad for him, was the day I found out my mom had a week to live. He came home to me here on the day of her funeral, and he has been so important to me through this rough time. I think I needed him as much as he needed me.”

Now Felix holds his head high and looks to maybe possess some sport horse breeding in him! Felix loves to run and roll around, thoroughly enjoying his new home.  Felix is such an attention lover that when Secret arrives at the barn every day, Felix runs outside and starts whinnying as she approaches.

Felix went from a malnourished horse to a beautiful, healthy, and well-trained favorite at his new home. Happy endings like this take a team of people to accomplish and we are extremely fortunate to have such a devoted staff at the County’s animal shelter to ensure more future success stories.

Secret rides Felix the Rescue Horse
Secret rides Felix the Rescue Horse

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