Foster Field Trips

A day frolicking in the park with your family and a dog is an almost ideal afternoon. Wait, you don’t have a dog? Well, the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter has a solution for you! Borrow one of our loving pets for an afternoon or evening free of charge. The Foster Field Trip program provides everyone the chance to interact with a new furry friend.

Field trips can include going on a hike or taking a quick stroll through one of the County parks. Recent excursions have included Mt. Madonna and Harvey Bear Ranch county parks.​ Maybe expand your horizons by dining at a cool, pet-friendly restaurant. The shelter provides everything necessary for a day-trip or sleepover (leashes, adopt-me vests, food, crates, etc.) and a manual of tips and “rules of the road” for the dogs.

All animals crave interaction and when you take a special dog out for the day, you are not only creating a fun family memory, but also providing man and woman’s best friend a chance to explore a new and exciting setting.

You may end up being the forever home for a lucky pup, or you may enjoy interacting with a new canine on each adventure. As a parent, imagine being a hero for a day by letting your little ones enjoy a dog-filled adventure.

Experience an anmial foster field trip for yourself!

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Steve with a dog

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