A Long Way Home

When Dexter, Finn, Pippa, and Ruger arrived at our shelter on March 23, they were lucky to have microchip identification so that we could contact their family and reunite them. Unfortunately, finding their way home would not be that simple. As it turns out, their doting parents were stuck in Tucson, Arizona, under the impression that the pups were being cared for by family in the Bay Area. The pet parents were looking to relocate to the Bay Area when they suddenly had to travel back to Arizona for a family emergency. They thought that it was best to leave their four fur babies here rather than taking them for the cramped car trek to Arizona, as they assumed they would be back quickly.

They never imagined that the people they trusted would turn the canine quartet in to the shelter claiming the quartet were found strays. They vowed to get to the shelter as soon as possible to be reunited with their pups, but then COVID hit and turned their world upside down.

Volunteers taking care of the dogs
volunteers in the shelter

Once they were finally able to travel, one misfortune after the next stood between them getting their babies back. Car troubles left them stranded in town after town. As they repaired a flat tire in one town, their car overheated and left them in Bullhead City, still very far away from their pups. All the while they stayed in contact with the shelter team to assure us that the dogs were loved and that they were working hard to pick them up.

When shelter pet foster, Jim Busche, heard the story behind the foursome waiting in the shelter, he vowed to get them back into the loving arms of their people. The shelter team then loaded up the pups, packed a bag of goodies and kissed the pups goodbye. Jim made the journey and reunited the pups with their ecstatic parents after being in the shelter for two months!

Although we are saddened by the circumstances that caused Dexter, Finn, Pippa, and Ruger to end up in the shelter, the goodness of everyone who helped get them back home far overshadows all of that. Foster volunteers and adopters have stepped to the plate during this pandemic, allowing the shelter to have the capacity to house the four dogs for an extended period of time. Their loving owners fought hard to get to their fur babies and never gave up on being reunited.

Finally, paws up to Jim Busche, for selflessly volunteering his heart, time, and gas so that this story could have the happy ending it deserves!​ 

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