A Place for ADOPTION

Forty years ago, when we moved into our current facility, shelters were designed to warehouse animals for a short, required holding period. Euthanasia rates were high. Animal welfare was a low priority. 

Over time, we’ve risen above these limitations to achieve one of the highest animal live-release rates in California. Today, nearly 100 percent of the animals that come into our care go to homes. We work with an extensive network of partners that helps find the best placement for each pet. For every animal, there is hope. 

But our community is growing, and we must grow with it. It’s time the County of Santa Clara had a modern animal center, built to provide a future for every animal. Unlike our current facility — stretched beyond its limits — our new home fully embraces our all-animals approach. In an environment built to reduce boredom, minimize stress, and promote social interaction, animals will behave more naturally, and their chances for adoption will increase. People seeking animals will find a welcoming adoption center with comfortable, natural spaces in which to get to know animals, and a park for checking out potential canine companions. Our new home will be a place for animals, a place for people, a place for community.

Elaine Jelsema failed at fostering, in the best possible way. Fourteen years ago, she fostered Teddy, a dachshund-chihuahua mix so tiny he had to be handfed. But Elaine just couldn't say goodbye. So Teddy stayed. Elaine felt the same way about foster Joey, a chihuahua-terrier mix with special needs. So Joey stayed. Then came Cara, a young papillon mix, and three kittens - Sandy, Patches, Missy. Elaine met and adopted all four after becoming a shelter volunteer, a role that finds her doing everything from serving as a kitten climbing post to walking horses. Along the way, Elaine grew closer to our cause: As a generous donor, she became a partner in the future. "This shelter is small but mighty," she says. "They do so much to help animals. And they operate on a shoestring. They deserve all the support we can give."

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Elaine Jelsema with her fostered Teddy, a dachshund-chihuahua mix

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