A Place for CARE

The animal shelter sees the most extreme cases of sick and injured animals coming through its doors in need of specialized care. We help pets who may have received little or no veterinary care and those whose owners who have given up on them. We also help loved pets who have escaped and have been injured but are waiting for their families to find them. With a goal of saving each life, our team prides themselves on the far-reaching, individualized care we dedicate to each animal in pursuit of saving and improving its quality of life. Our veterinary unit also serves an important role in reducing the homeless pet population by providing high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter services to dogs and cats in our community. The new Center includes space for a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic which will allow us to help more of our community’s neediest animals. We can provide even more pets in need with a chance, but we need your help. The new Animal Services Center clinic will double the size and scope of the current building and we need a wide range of equipment from surgery tables to centrifuges to accomplish our vision. We must raise $300,000 to outfit our medical facility with critical equipment. This opportunity will allow our caring and dedicated veterinary team to invest every possible effort in helping the hardest case pets that need us the most and to prevent animals from ever entering the shelter through spay/neuter. Your gift towards our goal will give our veterinarians the tools that they need to save lives.​ ​

Volunteers taking care of the dogs

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