With its tiny footprint in a converted old house, our current facility has little room for humans. Yet we are a magnet for people. Each of the 1,800 animals adopted last year left with a new family. And many folks who haven’t adopted (yet) visit during regular operating hours.

Then there are our volunteers and foster team, nearly 40​0 strong. These dedicated animal advocates are essential to our work: exercising dogs, socializing cats, cleaning kennels, grooming horses, and freeing staff to concentrate on complex animal care. Fosters play a critical role by opening their homes and hearts to animals we couldn’t save without them. But our current facility has no space where we can welcome groups of volunteers or prepare fosters for their important work.

Our future home will have room for these gatherings and more. Key features include a spacious multiuse area, with an outdoor patio, and room for up to 300 people. There we will be able to host meetings, workshops, agriculture training for the south county farming community, and other non-shelter events, attracting people who might not otherwise visit us. In rural San Martin, where there are fewplaces to connect, we will be an even better community resource.​

Felix Kirchner loves taking care of pets - so much that, although his family includes one feline and two canine members, Felix couldn't resist the chance to help rescued animals at the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter. Every Tuesday, Felix volunteers through a partnership with Social Vocational Services, Inc., an organization that creates community-based opportunities for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. At the San Martin center, Felix provides essential backup - tidying the dog play area and constructing fresh litter boxes for cats. He's proud that his efforts help keep pets happy, healthy, and adoptable. He loves working with his animal advocate colleagues. And he especially appreciates supporting a "no-kill" shelter that takes every animal, because, as Felix says​, "animal lives are precious." The best part, Felix says, is seeing someone come in searching for a pet, and leave with a forever friend - a precious thing, indeed.

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Volunteer Felix hugs a dog

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