A Place for RESCUE

You probably think of us as the shelter in San Martin. But did you know we can be everywhere from rural south county to the Stanford University campus? Our rescue mission is mobile, taking us wherever in our service area there are animals in need. 

Picking up lost dogs, hustling a stray bull off the highway, freeing a buck with its rack caught in a hammock, busting illegal rodeos where animals are endangered, taking in exotic birds when their home burns down, rescuing 80 cats trapped in a Winnebago, investigating a neglected pony, reuniting people and pets when disaster strikes — our dedicated animal services officers do it all. And soon they will have a modern home base to work from. 

Our future animal center will support rescue work as never before, providing officers with access 24/7. Our animal holding area will have separate spaces for 110 cats and 60 dogs, including special hold​ areas for victims of neglect and cruelty. A 2,500-square-foot barn with 10 ​stalls, plus a pasture, will support horses, goats, pigs, sheep, and other large livestock. Community space will advance our mission to educate people about animal care. And when someone surrenders a pet, that animal will find safe haven in an environment built to modern, life-saving shelter standards.​

Jeremy Selbach​, animal services officer and shelter manager, got a call about a horse on April Fool's Day. The situation was no joke: A young gelding had fallen down a hillside into a deep drainage ditch. Jeremy arrived to find the terrified animal on its back and struggling in the dark. The horse was panicking and sinking deeper in the mud. Working with firefighters and a large-animal evacuation team, Jeremy put his training to work. He comforted the horse and directed the 20-person effort to pack the mud with hay so the animal could gain traction and help himself. With Jeremy serving as a horse whisperer, the team positioned a strap around the horse, righted him, and hoisted him out of the ditch. For Jeremy, the best part was seeing the horse, uninjured, reunite with his grateful owner. "Every rescue is different," Jeremy says. "And ever rescue is rewarding".


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Jeremy Selbach, animal services officer with a horse

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