Rex’s Pawsitivity Journal

Day 35 

Since I last saw a new human: Not sure where they all went. Maybe they stopped growing new ones, who knows? At least my humans have not gone. I keep them entertained with my shenanigans and they keep me fed.  They must love me a lot because they keep testing out new, yummy recipes. They do this cute thing where they hide the goods inside toys. I always pretend that I don’t know where they’re hidden…It makes the humans happy when they think they’ve outsmarted me.

Day 36

I have been taking my humans for long walks to make sure they can find their way home if they ever get lose. I use our time out to teach them to share the splendors they keep hidden inside the little pouches attached to their sides. I trained them to give me a treat after they say, “sit” and I place my bottom on the ground. They seem to have a never-ending supply and enjoy this game very much. My humans show great potential! I wonder what else I can teach them to do? 

hiding  dogs food inside the toys
Dog Rex is holding 2 balls in his mouth

Day 37

Today my friend Evie joined my human walk. The humans are walking far apart and don’t seem to want to get too close to each other. Evie and I play great in the play yard but maybe my humans are not properly socialized. As much as I like Evie, I don’t do the “sit” trick with the humans when she joins me as I fear she will catch on, thus leaving fewer treats for me.

Day 38:

My humans must have especially enjoyed our walk today because afterwards, all of my friends and I got goodie bags with my all-time favorite toy…. Tennis balls! I got 2!! 

This new circumstance is strange but I am sure loving all of the extra attention I am getting from my humans! Remember, pawsitivity is a choice and I chews to be pawsitive!  - Rex

human walks for dog Rex with his friend Evie
Dogs are playing with a ball

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